Water Management Technological Leap - Radar Discharge Measurement

Radar Discharge Measurement – a technological leap

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Water management is crucial to our way of life. Unexpected weather conditions can cause our communities real problems. Until now there has been no reliable way to anticipate or predict future water conditions and supplies. There is a New Technology that can provide accurate real-time water data having many critical applications. From managing water usage, hydro-power generation, to warning communities of impending flooding and water shortages, precise water data is vital to the protection of human life.

The Sommer RQ-30 Discharge Radar Sensor offers a new breakthrough in technology and is expected to become pivotal in the way we collect and analyze water data, empowering water managers to make more effective real-time decisions.

Peter Ward, Founder/CEO Hydrological Services America says “I believe the RQ-30 has the ability to transform much of the way we collect and manage our streamflow

The RQ-30 combines a Velocity Radar Sensor & a Level Radar Sensor in one instrument. Surface velocity and water level are continually measured and from this data and a predefined river profile stored in the RQ-30, the total discharge is calculated and output in real time. This instrument represents a quantum leap forward in the ability for agencies responsible for water resource measurement to have real time discharge data available both before & during critical weather events.

Julie Bucknall, Water Unit Manager, World Bank explains “One of the things I’ve learned is that very few places know exactly how much water they’ve got with any accuracy. It’s really difficult to make good investment decisions if you don’t know how much water you’ve got to put into those investments. What we are seeing though is a massive change in the way people are engaging with their resources and their governments because of new technologies.”

The range of application for the RQ-30 reaches from rivers, torrents and mountain streams all the way to open channels, canals and drains. Making the RQ-30 not only one of the most accurate velocity and level radar sensors but also one of the most versatile. The advantages this offers are immense in limited water resource times such as we are currently experiencing in California. Knowing how much and where your water is going allows the respected officials to make decisions about how to best use the water sources with the most accurate and up to date information available.

The technology available now in the RQ-30 will benefit multiple industries including the Environmental Monitoring industry, Hydrological Industry, Meteorological Industry, Water Resource Management industry as well as many more.

More information about the RQ-30 and the people behind it can be found by visiting hydrologicalusa.com

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