Meteorological Applications

Hydrological Services is a leading manufacturer of a range of Meteorological Equipment such as Rain Gauges, Telemetered Rainfall Systems, Calibration Equipment, Snow Analyzers, Snow Depth Sensors & Evaporation Measuring Equipment.


The Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge is recognized as a world standard for measuring rainfall and precipitation in remote and unattended locations. The bucket tips when precipitation of the desired resolution has been collected. A pulse from each tip is sensed by the reed switch and logged to a data logger. The dual reed switch can also transmit the pulse to a telemetry system.

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Snow Measurement

Hydrological Services America represents a line of high quality, specialized snow measuring equipment.  Our line ranges from snow pillows and snow scales to non-contact sensors and a revolutionary Snow Pack Analyzer system which gives ice & liquid water content and snow water equivalent without having to worry about a level installation, the need for heavy toxic liquids or losing data due to the formation of ice layers.

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