Hydrological Applications

Hydrological Services America has a vast selection of hydrological equipment with high precision, low maintenance and economical solutions to give you the best equipment for your specific application regardless of location.

Water Level

With over 20 individual instruments to make an accurate and reliable water level measurement, Hydrological Services America offers a complete line of water level measurement equipment that will best suit your application.

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Water Flow & Discharge

Hydrological Services America’s water flow measurement instruments offer precise, highly calibrated current meters, electronic automated top set wading rods and complex yet easy to use current meter counters and flow computers to complete any water flow measurement.  Our unmatched Hornet remote controlled cableway river gauging system revolutionizes the way river measurements are taken and non-contact radar discharge measurement system insures that your data will be retrieved even in times of intense flooding.

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Water Quality

Hydrological Services America represents a complete line of durable submersible water quality sensors with long term stability to measure pH, chloride, bromide, nitrate, redox, dissolved oxygen, turbidity and total dissolved solids.  The compact multi-parameter adapter allows several water quality parameters to be measured simultaneously while fitting into a 2” well.

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